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Nitrogen Generation

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CompAir Nitrogen Generators

CompAir provides tailored solutions combining high performance compressors, high quality air treatment and cost saving nitrogen generators. A complete system approach ensures performance, reliability, energy efficiency anallows you to take control of your air and nitrogen supply. The CompAir range of Nitrogen Generators can assist in gaining the maximum benefits fom your CompAir compressed air system.

Converting high quality oil free compressed air to high quality Nitrogen has never been easier and more significantl it provides an array of benefits
Save up to 90% costs over traditional nitrogen supply methods such as cylinders or liquid supply:
*Greater control over nitrogen supply costs and deliveries
*Consistent and reliable gas quality
*Reduced carbon impact through elimination of logistical requirements of cylinder deliveries
*Increased safety through the removal of hazards associated with traditional supply
*Flexible product design allows the generator to grow with your future demand
*Return on investment is achievable within 12 to 24 months