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Energy Efficient Products

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CompAir’s Switched Reluctance and Regulated Speed compressor drive systems - as employed in CompAir’s LVS and LRS series rotary screw and Hydrovane HVRS series rotary vane compressors - have been approved by the UK Government as energy saving products and have been included under their own unique categories as part of the Enhanced Capital Allowance Scheme.

Energy Saving CEMEP EFF1 Enhanced Capital Allowance qualifying electric motors

The CompAir LVS and LRS-Series rotary screw air compressors incorporate an outstandingly efficient variable speed switched reluctance drive system, offering the ability to precisely match power consumption with air demand and use sufficient energy for the job - and no more.

Hydrovane HVRS compressors

Hydrovane HVRS series compressors combine the efficiency of single speed compressors at 100% load with even better efficiency at part load. This saves electrical power costs in almost every compressed air installation. Savings of between 30% - 50% have been achieved in long term field trials.