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Compressed air management systems harness individual air compressor pressure set-points & control target system pressure within fine limits to reduce generating costs, and ensures that the most efficient compressors (irrespective of manufacturer or type) are employed in the most efficient combination to suit a fluctuating air demand pattern.


Energair Management Controllers

Our compressor management systems are capable of controlling up to 12 air compressors in single or multiple compressor locations. Pressure imbalance between compressor locations can easily be overcome using the unique operating software provided with EnergAir Management controllers.

A series of modular compressor interfacing products provide a method of connection to all types of air compressors. Cable, data and wireless communication methods can be used to connect compressors to the Management controller allowing any site configuration to be harnessed and controlled.

Expansion - Compressor & compressor system monitoring

Extends the scope of the EnergAir Management control system to include the monitoring of equipment such as common alarms, oil temperature, condition of rolling bearings, dryer and filter element condition, the latter which condition the air quality to the pipe work system.
Additionally, expansion modules enable condition monitoring of other compressor house equipment such as air quality, power and flow metering devices.
The throughput from the latter can also be totalised within the management control system where utility air billing is a requirement.


SmartAir Master

Modern compressed air stations are required to be more energy efficient, reliable and meet higher standards of safety. To achieve this, demand responsive intelligent sequencers are becoming increasingly important.

The SmartAir Master can intelligently control up to 12 compressors of any combination, fixed or vari-able speed, and will reduce energy consumption by tightening the network pressure to the small-est possible band, keeping off load running to the absolute minimum.

Demand responsive operation ensures that where varying capacity compressors are installed only the correct combinations of compressors are selected to meet the system demand,resulting in maximum energy savings.

Where compressors of the same capacity are installed the sequencer will equalise the running hours, offering even greater savings by optimising the service intervals.

  • Direct connection of CompAir compressors using simple data cable in a “bus structure”.
  • Accessories such as dryers, filters and condensate drains are easily connected to the SmartAir Master directly or to an extension module.
  • System data can be transferred to and used by external controls such as building management systems via ModBus-RTU or PROFIBUS
  • Commissioning is quick and easy using the innovative “commissioning wizard”
  • Up to 12 system profiles can be programmed.
  • The intelligent SmartAir Master calculates the system demand and then selects the compressors best suited to meet the profile
  • The integrated SD card drive allows the system to be data logged. (MS Excel compatible)

Using the optional web server module the SmartAir Master can be visualised externally on a PC module using a standard browser (e. g. Internet Explorer) or via local network (LAN).