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CompAir Piston Compressors

hines can be supplied for use as vacuum pumps, booster compressors, and for the compression of gases, including, carbon dioxide, nitrogen, methane and biogas.

The product can be suitably adapted to perform in hostile environments. Additional instrumentation can be fitted quickly and easily to suit particular requirements. Compressors can use a variety of power sources, including high or low voltage motors, steam turbines or diesel engines via a variety of drives. Speeds can be adjusted to match compressor outputs for any requirements.

V Compact


The V-Compact is a free standing, single acting, lubricated or oil free unit set on anti-vibration mounts and is suitable for air or water cooling. Pressures range from 5.5 to 10.5 bar g, and power from 18 to 75 kW.

Oil-free Option

Available with oil free cylinders, for applications where oil cannot be tolerated in the gas or air being compressed.

In-built Reliability

Submerged Gear Type Oil Pump gives positive, force fed lubrication to main bearing and crossheads.

Discharge Pulsation Damper extends valve life. Intercooler ensures cool delivery air to the second stage. An Automatic Drain Valve opens when the compressor unloads.

Comprehensive, clear instrumentation provides monitoring of machine condition to plan maintenance. Air Intake Filter has low resistance to intake air flow and is combined with a silencer to reduce noise.

Simple Installation

Compact direct coupled design incorporating integral, anti-vibration mounts, requires no special foundations.

Efficient Regulation

Automatic Valve Unloading matches output to system requirements to reduce power consumption costs.

Available Options

V Major


The V-Major compressor is a slow speed, double acting, water cooled design – lubricated or oil-free, and available for pressures from 1.5 to 20.5 bar g, and power from 90 to 315 kW. CompAir reciprocating compressors have been in production since the 1920's with a policy of constant improvements in design and materials.

Many thousands are in service around the world, providing long term, reliable, energy efficient compressed air in every industry and environment. With over twenty models available, the V-Major and V-Compact have the versatility to meet a wide range of applications.

Oil-free Option

Available with oil free cylinders for applications where oil cannot be tolerated in the gas or air being compressed. Extended piston rods have non-lubricated packings and self-lubricating PTFE piston rings run in corrosion resisting, replaceable, austenitic iron cylinder liners.

Efficient Regulation

The V-Major has three step regulation for full, part, or no load operation to reduce part load power consumption.

Suitable for high-ambient temperatures

These robust compressors work equally well in ambients of up to 55°C. The V-Major is equipped with water jackets and intercoolers to maintain correct running temperatures. Closed circuit cooling systems can be provided for locations where cooling water is not available.

Available Options